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Bollywood before philosophy

Done with the marking for this semester; 'need to tabulate the final grades over the next few days ago. The stand-out exception to being finished continues to be my Bollywood girl (so called for having been caught publicly practising Bollywood dance routines right after skipping class). The girl failed the course last year, as a direct result of non-attendance. This year, she had to re-take the course, and was assigned to me again and... her attendance has been abysmal. She's also not learnt the essentials of citation standards, in spite of being a few years into university, and having produced several papers for this class alone. It would likely help if she would picked-up her papers more consistently, or properly read the information which was sent on the matter. :Shrug:

The screening of the Voegelin-Bloom-Gadamer-Lawrence panel on The Republic will be tomorrow at the GSA lounge. The impetus for putting that on came when it was drawn to my attention that, as a councillor, I had $120.00 in credit to put forward to a graduate event. Discovering that, I figured on a lightly catered event that I myself would actually be bothered to go to, and, given that no event have been held for political theorists this year, it also seemed appropriate; I'll be using the money to order-up some Indian food from Mike's Place. 'Ought to be interesting: G.T, J, and a few others have said that they'll be coming.

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