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Not quite hungover

'Have been feeling quite a bit tired, and a wee bit sick today; a cold has been pestering me for the past couple of weeks -- or perhaps its allergies. It's difficult to tell. While it might have been nice to pick-up some groceries, given the awful weather outside, I was more than happy to stay around the house and rest. I'm rather glad that I didn't make firm plans to attend the Bagel & Blues exchange in Montreal, or to attend the vernissage which swing-friend Nicole C. invited me to via Facebook. My lone chores were taking care of the animals (including Beauty, Silks, and the foster cat & kittens in the basement), and doing a load of laundry.

J.F. unexpectedly went on a week long trip, the new room-mate has been scarce, and R.S. has been steadily moving her possessions into her new house, so I've mostly had the place to myself. So, I spent most of it listening to Polanyi's McEnerney lectures on scientism and moral inversion, and to CBC Radio 1, while occasionally checking on the computer. I spent a bit of time in the evening watching episodes of Code: Geass, R2, while R. came in and out, moving boxes into her car; we chatted for a bit between trips, and made vague plans to go out dancing sometime after her boyfriend finally moves in from Fort McMurray, near the end of May.

Yesterday was long, but good. The screening went well, in spite of some hiccups with the food order. There were about ten of us (if I remember correctly), though several attendees were apparently hung-over from a previous night's drinking. Two professors were also expected, by Prof. Fitzpatrick was likely caught-up in marking, and Prof. Hanvelt was likely dissuaded from coming in by the fact that the 6th floor's B-tower mens'-room flooded, and took-out power to his office, and the rest of A- and B-towers. 'Doesn't make for a productive day at the office. A few of us went down to Mike's afterwards to spend my tab, though G.T. and J. had to head-off.

The evening course was quite interesting as well. We were broken-up into small groups, and challenged to try to reconstruct or remember at least three words which could be associated with the previous levels' instruction. We were all completely flummoxed, of course; 'might as well have been a classroom of teenagers. We got through it, though. The meditation instruction was quite interesting as well...

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