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'Spent most of the day at The Bridgehead on Somerset, drinking pot after pot of masala chai, reading the New York Times, and people watching -- and I'm rather alright with that. 'Was shocked to discover how much better the Times' reporting was than most of the anglophone press in the True North.

It was interesting to read that American special forces are apparently skulking about in the Central African Republic (possibly the least imaginative name for a republic since, well, "The United States of America"), helping the local army chase-down Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army. It was also interesting to contemplate the internal migrations set-off in the E.U. as a consequence of the economic downturn; apparently, scads of well-educated Spaniards are being recruited and making the move to southern Germany to fill positions of all sorts which can't otherwise be filled.

One would have to agree with the reporter's observation that this sort of internal freedom of movement will likely have make for greater changes than all the E.U. institutions put together: while all of the histrionics have been directed against the spectre of Islam, genuine pluralism has come walking in the front door -- the residents of rural, hinterland towns are suddenly face-to-face with people who don't look and act exactly the same way that they do, and don't even speak the same mother tongue. In Germany. But they're "good" Europeans who were invited in, not "bad" Muslims swimming over from Africa, which means they need to be treated like real people... even though they're foreigners. Must be giving some folks quite the fit of mental constipation, sorting it out.

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