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Continuing disorderliness

'Did very little again today. Though I'd meant to spend the walking about Little Italy, spotting a decent café, and sipping a cappuccino, a wrong turn in the weather put the kibosh to that. Instead, off trudged I to the University, where at least I could wander about the rambling halls without getting soaked.

And so I read another chapter of Disorderly Notions, and have got past the scene outside New Delhi, in which West congratulates a conference-full of international development folks for their steadfast work in annihilating all remaining cultural heterogeneity in the East, and bringing about the apocalypse of the Last Man.

Though I spied Prof. Emberley at one point, it seems as if he popped in one end of the building, and popped-out the other; I watched him get picked-up by a blue car (possibly driven by his wife?) from the Loeb Cafe as I ate my lunch. Otherwise, I spent some doing nothing at Rooster's, and helped out a person or two -- directing one fellow to the PAPM department, and letting N. know about the open computer and wifi systems at the GSA lounge.

Drinks with Prof. Jaeger, and J. tomorrow; that oughtn't to be the slightest bit awkward!

Edit: After having done a load of laundry, and taken a shower, I sat down with myself for a wee bit to investigate why exactly I'd been avoiding meditation today (at least in so far as feeling dismally disinclined towards it), and to poke around to see what might be skittering about.

Surprisingly enough, though going in feeling generally sad & dreary (something not uncommon on rainy days), I eventually found myself through the door to first jhana while practising in the Theravadan style, and stayed there for a good fifteen minutes or so (somewhat clumsily, though getting it centred and right towards the last) before bringing myself down and out of it.

'Feeling quite a bit better as a result, perhaps obviously, but it is interesting to analyze the subtle differences in mind and body -- before, during, and after -- and the ways in which they are manifest or made to manifest. It's was also interesting to employ some of the theoretic insights from Shambhala training (particularly from ground lungta practice), to help clarify some finer points of Theravadan breath meditation which'd escaped my explicit notice for the last few years.

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