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A-M in Toronto, part 3

On Saturday evening, I roused myself enough to attend the Toronto Swing Dance Society evening out at Dovercourt House out in The Annex. Beforehand, taken by a bit of nostalgia, I'd popped into Dunn's for a Montreal smoked-meat sandwich and a café latté, followed by a vanilla ice-cream; the sandwich was filling, and done well. It was missing some je ne sais quoi somehow -- it wasn't as salty as I'd expect perhaps; I slathered on a bit of extra mustard for good measure, though I might have done better to ask for some dijon. The latté was nice, and the dessert did the job of cutting its bitterness and contrasting its warmth.

The dance itself was hot, in all senses of the word. Not heavily attended, but the dancers who were there were quite good; I enjoyed several great dances over the course of it. It was also interesting to note that they effectively had three pre-dance classes running before the dance proper, two of which were fairly advanced instructions in Charleston and Lindy Hop. I particularly remember dancing with a certain Cami (or Camille, a girl of Asian descent), and one very close dance with a woman by the name of Eva, who, judging from her accent, was clearly originally from afar, though it was too loud for me to make-out where she hailed from. I chatted with a few folks as well, including one Julia, whom I knew from back in Montreal. She's apparently in T.O, recently married, and volunteering with the TSDS. They have an interesting system in place to encourage beginners, as it turns out: volunteers from the society turn out in red shirts to identify themselves, and beginners are invited to seek them out for a chance to dance with someone experienced.

The band was quite good, though I can't recall the name. There was quite a lot of blues rhythms worked into the set, which suited the sweltering atmosphere. For my own part, I took leave a bit early to avoid being over-tired at brunch, though there were two or three women whom I hadn't had the opportunity to meet. Oddly, one in woman particular, whom I repeatedly made eye contact with, was the mirror image of A-M as I remember her when we first met: slim figured, with speckles of grey in her boyish cox-comb of hair.

I took the subway there and back, which gave me the opportunity to buy tokens and to figure out the system in advance of Sunday morning and any opportunities to become lost along my way.

Dovercourt House

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