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Bombs bursting in air, and so forth

It's still remarkably hot outside. In spite of that, I did get down to Swing L'Éte yesterday afternoon, to meet a few old friends (Robin, Marcy, Eugenia, Karrwright, Danny-O, Jenn & Alain...), and to get a few dances in. The word "few" should be emphasized, as the heat was such that I had to sit out two or three dances for every one I had. It was either that or tempt whatever gods are in charge of cardiac arrest. V.B. was mysteriously absent, unfortunately; it would have been good to see her. Having texted her, it's odd that I never got anything back. Perhaps her parents aren't paying for the SMS service?

In spite of all that, it was possible to get a few good dances in. A couple of women expressed some interest in me; one of whom I got into an extended conversation with at the bus-stop. It's ridiculous to consider how much easier it is for me to meet interesting and interested women in Montreal, compared with Ottawa. Three days here, and three expressions of interest -- and I wasn't trying in the least. In fact, the woman with whom I had an afternoon rendezvous today -- a pretty Persian lass of my own age -- took the initiative in asking me out. I happened to be in Ottawa at the time which she did so; there was no effort made to be even in the same city.

After Swing L'Éte, Allie, Chris, the kids and I had a bit of BBQ, and, later that evening, we walked down towards the Old Port for the fireworks display. Every Summer in Montreal, there's a fireworks competition which runs the length of the season, with a different country's team putting on a display every Saturday evening. It just happened to be the Canadian team's turn that evening, and it was quite good: they pulled some tricks which I hadn't seen before, such as mixing different shades of the same colour in the same burst; 'not quite sure how they managed that, chemically speaking. The bursts of the display was occasionally punctuated by the outbursts of Gabriel, who took to shouting at the top of his lungs that the fireworks were his. His in particular. I'm not sure how that works either.

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