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Eighteen pages left of Polanyi's Personal Knowledge.

Having returned from Montreal on Monday (having left early in order to catch-up on my work, to search for an apartment, and, serendipitously, to escape before an imminent tongue-lashing to be inflicted upon Chris for being late picking-up the kids), I've been running into F.S. and N.M. quite a bit. They're both in the home-stretch of completing their theses -- N's on Gorgias, and F's on Heidegger -- and I've been recruited to help them with editing. F. and I, in particular, have whiled away numerous hours discussing Plato and Heidegger over the past few weeks. F. & A. should be moving to T.O. at the beginning of August; F. has already asked if I'll come pay them a visit that month, before the end of the Summer break.

I'm still attempting to chase-down the agent who's in charge of the building I'm interested in. It's been about a week. It does seem that I've finally got the right name and number at this point; the wrong information seems to have been posted on the CLVgroup website. On the upside, if it's proving this difficult to get in touch with the right agent, than there's a fair chance that the apartment is still available.

Meanwhile, Beauty is shedding like an old rug. It would be nice if I could find some food which did well by her stomach, her skin, and her fur, all at once. I also received an unexpected message from A-M, thanking me once again for the poem; it seems like she never received my reply, and wanted to thank me again. She asked how things were.

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