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In the past week, two strangers -- both young women -- have played eye-hockey with me, and then snapped photos when they thought I wouldn't notice. Is this a normal sort of thing now? I can't conceive of ever taking photos of a strange woman, whom I happened to find attractive, in a public place without asking. And, of course, I wouldn't ask, because that would be extremely weird.

On the first occasion it was a woman in her mid-twenties wearing hospital scrubs of some sort (I'm assuming she was a nurse, because they didn't seem like doctors' nor orderlies' scrubs). She sat directly across from me on the bus home, at one point, and snapped a photo with her iPhone with the flash on. When I looked at her, she sort of looked over her left shoulder, off into the distance, and pretended to be intensely interested in one of the advertisements decorating the slope to the ceiling. This was in addition to a first, and possibly second, photo which she'd snapped earlier. Bizarre. I would have been happy enough to say hello, and to banter a bit if she was so interested; she was obviously gainfully employed, had some sense of compassion for others, and was pretty enough.

Today, it was a young blond woman -- fairly well dressed in simple, sophisticated summer attire -- down the way, sitting on the bench of the bus platform. I wasn't at all sure that she was looking at me for a bit, though over the thirty or so minutes -- after I'd changed positions a few times, and everyone else who'd been in that line of sight had since departed -- she continued to glance at me, and made eye contact a few times. Honestly I became a bit shy about that at a certain point and looked elsewhere.

She started to text someone on her phone at one point (also an iPhone, as it happens), and a young fellow wearing a backpack came between our line of respective vision shortly thereafter. End of that, right? Well then, a few moments later, she distinctly leaned forward extended her arm out and around the obstruction, and took a photo before resuming her texting.

"What exactly happened there? Did she just send a photo of me to her friends? Her mother? Her life-coach?"

I had resolved to smile at her, or to say hello if we ended up on the same bus (we did not), but, really, what in the world..?

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