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Feeling a bit weary, a bit listless tonight, but I did manage to write the first two pages of the paper on Polanyi and Voegelin regarding scientism. Not a bad thing, by any means. I scribbled them down while seated at the benches in Carleton UniCentre directly opposite the food-court. The benches overlook the quad behind the architecture building. The sky was plastered with alternating set of hostile grey clouds, and comparatively jovial white cumulus; it threatened us with a storm for much of the afternoon, sending out deep meaningful gusts every few moments. Next to me, a remarkably mixed band of future engineers were hashing-out homework problems; the mix was bent heavily towards the female though, only one blond fellow was among them.

So that was done. I also picked-up a bit of food at the Loblaws on the way home; it was on my way out that the rain finally started dropping. I haven't yet received anything from N.M. or F.S. After an extremely lazy dinner, I went off to the Chapters for a bit, as I didn't much feel like hanging around the house. It might have been nice to have gone off for a walk this evening, but my left foot rejected the plan; I apparently hurt it a day or three ago, and then I went out dancing in spite of it. I don't regret going out to the dance at all though.

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