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Fruitful tea

The day was fruitful beyond expectation. Though I rose from bed, feeling at least as sore as I expected (particularly my poor feet), I nevertheless got a few things put away -- chiefly about half of my books, which I've stored in my closet in a complete disorder. I also moved a few things around in the kitchen, and put a few things away. Then I had a nap. Getting up, I prepared lunch, listened to "Q" and "All in a Day" on CBC Radio 1, and got ready to go out to my date with Jenny the Artist (hereafter "Tea").

A brief stopover was made at the Rideau Centre to see if the Apple Store was carrying Thunderbolt to Firewire adapters. They were not. So, I ambled off to the Second Cup for a bit of caffeine to help wake myself up. I sat about and people-watched for an hour or more while I sipped a maple-flavoured coffee. Sometime around 16h, I headed off to Sussex Drive towards Blink Gallery, nearby the National Gallery, where Tea's works were on display. It was a nice walk, and I had the opportunity to spy the Peacekeeper's Memorial, a well as the splendid view of the park and the Ottawa River afforded by the locale. Tea and I hung about and bantered in the gallery for about an hour while patrons came and went. Afterwards, we walked down to the Market for a meal. We ended-up having Mexican food at a new spot which had recently opened up. We both ordered quesadillas.

After I saw Tea off, I walked back through the Market, and headed to the Timothy's in Sandy Hill, where I loitered with a white pomegranate tea, and read "The Globe and Mail". Apparently, a Kuwaiti firm is making a bid for a large stake in a major oil-sands company. Also, the province of Alberta is racking up substantial deficits ($3 billion expected this year), owing to oil prices that are ~$6.00 less per barrel than what the government was banking on. And residents of Quebec City are strongly leaning towards voting for the Coalition Avenir Québec, rather than the Liberals (the Parti Quebeqois isn't even in the offing).

Afterwards, I did end-up going to the dance, though there were no volunteer spots. But, I did end-up helping with the beginners class, giving some aid to a few francophone girls, and to a couple of teenaged girls who seemed to have come with their parents. There was also one older lady, with dyed-red hair, who was clearly rip-roaring drunk. Nevertheless, I had a few nice dances, and left a bit earlier than usual, not having had the chance to dance with Cassandra nor Alison, though a certain Gael seemed to have a shine for me, as did one younger woman (who deeply resembled Sara Bédard-Goulet).

I thus stand by the observation that women only begin showing interest in me when I'm not necessarily seeking any sort of attention.

Oh, J. and the others finished the I.R. exam today; I knew that because I had talked to Eric on Wednesday. I texted J. to ask her how it went, and congratulated her for getting through it.

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