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F&A (and A-M), in Toronto, pt. 3

Did I mention that the comic-book convention was in town on the same weekend? We ran into it's goers on our way back through downtown, before reaching John St. The first hint of something awry was when we ran into a young woman dressed-up as a sexy magician, complete with top-hat, which seemed a bit out of season -- it dawned on me a bit later that she was costumed as the character Zantanna, one of the very few long-running and relatively popular female characters in main-stream comics.

When we were sitting on the patio of the bar, we actually saw others go by, including one fellow dressed as a bloodied and heavily armed character from some first-person shooter (Killzone, maybe? F. recognized it.) He actually decided to come in for a drink, which caused a bit of a kerfuffle. Some patrons didn't realize that there was a convention going on at the Metro Centre, and thought he was some random crazy. One fellow behind us, in particular, was incensed, thinking him to be some of insensitive jackass showing off in the wake of the theatre shootings down south.

At any rate, after our drinks, we headed off again, this time detouring through Chinatown. We stopped in at a few stores to look at the wares. One in particular had some very impressive and dear statues, some excellent Buddhas and Chinese deities in jade, and other materials. F&A have been looking for some more art to decorate their place, but they weren't likely to find anything there that would fit with their decor; we'd stopped in on an artist's gallery near the apartment, and they'd nearly picked up a night-time landscape of the city, as seen from the lake.

F. stopped to have a bubble-tea at one point, and we walked by the local Mission, before turning back east and heading home. Getting back, we were agreed on skipping dinner, and only had some light snacks and wine later on: we'd all been overwhelmed by Korean BBQ. We ended the night watching the comedian Russell Peters, and that's about all that I recall. A bottle of wine will tend to impair memory, it seems. Maybe a bit more detail will surface at some point…

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