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I... Am... Bored!

Three days on crutches, and I'm already going out of my mind with boredom. I simply can't stand being stuck in my apartment for prolonged periods - and by prolonged periods, I mean more than three hours. If it was summer, I could concievably go outside without breaking my damned neck; but of course, had it been summer, I'd have never have broken any bones in the first place.

In the meantime, I can only wait to hear back from C.R. regarding dietary requirements while on the mend - anything that shaves a day off of the mending time is quite welcome, wait to hear back from friends regarding a miscellany of topics, wait to hear from the university papers regarding the ads I want to run for the Concordia Dance Society (CDS), wait for a reply from the Dean of Students regarding my request to have the CDS recognized as an independent, intra-university association, and wait for the hospital to tell me when to come in for my next examination.

I swear by all that's unholy, I'll gladly submit to having a wooden pin inserted into my foot with a hand-screw just to get out of the bloody house.

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