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The last couple of days seem to have been a bit of a migraine cycle. Currently, there are a couple of gentleman up in my room, blowing insulation into the attic. That makes for an awkward means of waking-up in the early morning: have two fellows show up, banging on the knocker, looking to blow insulation up your attic.

F.S's thesis defence is scheduled for tomorrow morning. If the stars align, and he isn't suddenly shy, it should be possible to attend. Then there will be the Advanced Greek reading class; we've been sight reading a speech prepared by Lysias. I'm terribly behind, as I haven't had many spare hours these past two weeks; I've been running into people left and right (J, G.T, N.S, G.C, Prof. Darby, and so on), and having all sorts of classes and meetings.

Oh yes; last week's discussion groups were a mess. One group didn't show-up, and in the confusion I nearly ended-up teaching Janice's group. The syllabus put-up on the website was one from last year, which makes no mention of participation grades, with the result being that the kids assigned to the later groups didn't quite find it in themselves to attend. We'll see if that's rectified this week…

Against Better Judgement (but who really listens to her, anyways?), I shall make an attempt to attend the Ph.D. seminar this afternoon, simply to be a bit supportive of Janice, and to see her in action. She and Caleb are set to present on a play by Sophocles. Antigone was it?

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