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Fredericton unbound, pt.1

'Quite behind on this again…

This past weekend was the occasion for me to fly down to the annual APPSA conference in Fredericton at St. Thomas University, which happens to reside at the top of a very large hill, right above the larger, secular University of New Brunswick. The conference itself was a lovely excuse to pay a visit on Dad and Jeff, and an unexpected opportunity for a friend-date with Janna W; the two of us got together in the pouring rain of Saturday to head down for a coffee at the Cedar Tree. Funny enough, I'd treated Jeff to a lunch at the same locale the day before; Jeff had a wrap of some sort, while I'd ordered a spicy cajun gumbo.

Why the spicy gumbo? Well, that was on account of the head-cold which I caught on the way to Fredericton. Excellent timing that, and I was dog sick the day of my own panel. I did get through it, however, thanks in large part to ample coffee, decongestants, and the wet weather: walking about in the cool humidity helped with my breathing considerably.

At any rate, J.W. caught up, and I received the full story on how she ended-up in law school at UNB, over a cup of green tea. She had been in the Ph.D. program of musicology, but, after experiencing jury service at a murder trial, her head was turned, she did her LSATs, put in her application… and now she's on her way. Anyways, I paid for our tea, we headed out, both to our respective homes (she had a dinner to prepare for, which I couldn't attend, due to having a conference dinner to join-in on), with she dropping me off.

Oh, the inaugural speech of the weekend had been Stephen Dion on the issue of Senate and electoral reform, by the way.

More later perhaps, I have to catch a train to Montreal for Thanksgiving and Gabriel's birthday…

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