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Fredericton unbound, pt.2

... So anyways, my presentation took place at 08h35 on Sunday morning, on a dark and stormy day. In fact the entire weekend was rather stormy; Janna and I got quite soaked while rushing for the car the previous day, and the rain still descended on my walk from the dinner at the Delta Hotel to the condo. Fortunately, the rain didn't quite pour by the time I left, and my poor sinuses much appreciated the damp. The dinner itself was quite nice, though I felt the need to leave early, having had the salmon, and chatted for a bit with a table of intellectuals whom I could sometimes actually hear. I do mostly recall a back-and-forth over the oil-sands, with one fellow putting up a vigorous defence.

The morning of my talk, I was still quite sick (though medicated), and, arriving early, having been dropped-off by Jeff (who was on his way to a baptism), I quickly downed a coffee, then strolled-about outdoors, rehearsing my spiel. I'd done much the same the previous night, on the walk back. When I re-entered the building, I found that we'd been reassigned to a different room, on account of a faulty projector; the lack of a projector didn't bother me a mite, but my panel-mate -- a Romanian woman by the name, I think, of Sabrina -- was quite dependent upon PowerPoint.

Long story short, I was up at bat first, did well, and -- during the discussion period -- received some actual constructive critique, and entered into decent conversation with some of the audience. In particular, one fellow brought-up the matter of Max Weber's vis-à-vis Huntington, the former's mysticism, and how the more recent translations brought-out that mystical element to Weber's thought which the earlier translations had covered-up -- presumably to make them respectably positivistic. There was some discussion of Kuhn's relativism, and it's effect upon Huntington.

Afterwards was the lunch meeting, which I did attend. Prof. L.M. happened to come sit opposite me, and we had a long chat about the conference, and her intention to look into resuscitating a local chapter of the Canadian Association of Political Theorists, which would definitely prove interesting.

Following all the political talk about whom should be hosting the next meeting, and whom should take over the editorial duties of a certain journal, I walked back (which took quite a while), and spent the rest of the while at the condo with Dad and Jeff. Later, my flights would be delayed by weather, but I would eventually get home, sometime shy of 22h30.

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