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An Xmas Carole...

Currently I'm at home cooking a bit of naan bread, and listening to a bit of music of the TV. I'm currently two thirds of the way through Charles Taylor's The Malaise of Modernity, and have also been reading The Brothers Karamazov of light of the F key by Dostoyevsky. In between all that, I suppose that I'm recovering from the lovely Christmas flu which I contracted during my visit to my family, and which I've now had for the better part of seven days. It's just a bit of sniffling now so it's not much to get once one's back up over.

Christmas at any rate went quite well. We spent Christmas Eve dinner at the in-law's place and took off to the grandparent's place for Christmas Day lunch then back to the in-law's for Christmas Day dinner again. Quite a bit of food was had, which is never something to complain about, and when one can certainly not complain about the quality. There were also presents to be had by the children: plenty of noise makers which will keep the family happy for quite a long while I suspect. I certainly can't complain about my earnings this holiday.

Though I did not get to see much of anyone due to my ever expanding encounter with influenza, on the first day of the infection I did manage to get in a meeting with Mister M.S. We spent the better part of five hours talking about, sipping tea and listening to the howling of a rather large dog which his roommate was sitting on (so to speak). The chit chat which we had was in the normal range of political, philosophic, I'm sorry to pick the date and scientific gab, which was interspersed with only the occasional bout of nervous howling.

By the time that I got home though, the influenza wasn't for drift and a brief kills wedding cake which I didn't countered having any of it, and the brief chills which I'd experienced at Marc's house became a more extended problem. In fact they extended over the next 4 days. In order to avoid the infection of others in fact, I spent New Years Eve at the house and contented myself with a brief walk or two, with dropping in at the local Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha, and with a brief chat with me dad. The long walks through Pointe Saint-Charles and Pointe Saint-Henri, did me quite well, and I enjoyed the experience quite a bit overall. I've no complaints at all about the day, and quite enjoyed myself.

The following afternoon, though Allie and I did not have the opportunity for a lunch together, I never the less had to engage myself with getting home, it being New Year's Day. So off I went and here I am and so things have gone. Another holiday in Montreal spent as may, and not so badly either.

('Still trying out the speech-to-text feature; this entry will evidently require some heavy editing at a keyboard later today...)

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