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Idle no more...

It's rather amazing how few commentators (if any) are sensitive to or aware of the religious dimension to the "Idle No More" movement, and Chief Theresa Spence's fast. Judging by the PMO's slow response, it's equally blind to what it's dealing with, likely treating it as another instance of "issuism" stemming from an interest group expressing a grievance.


It's only fortunate that the PM somehow developed the sense to agree to an embarrasing climb-down before the chief martyred herself. If he hadn't... As it is, it remains to be seen whether Chief Spence will live through and past the Friday meeting between the Aboriginal First Nations (AFN) and the PM.


If the First Nations end-up with a national martyr, things will shift more than our dear PM and our gaggles of gregarious policy analysts seem equipped to comprehend. Modern governance both assumes and relies upon social anomie and limited civil society, preferably reduced to that ubiquitous phenomenon dubbed "interests". "Interests" are easily handled by cagey governments. Spiritually animated political movements are not. That's especially the case when it's spiritual premises directly oppose aspects of the prevailing winds of liberal governance.


The sands are shifting...

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