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A night out amongst Dominicans

Had an *#@&ed-up dream about A-M. Thanks Brain, 'needed that, truly did.

Janice's belated birthday party went well, though; had a couple of glasses of wine, met some interesting people (including one Mark from Dominican College - a former student of Stanley Rosen). Trying to explain my research to a couple of her non-Carleton friends did help to set me to thinking about what I'm doing - in a good way. Hopefully the bottle of birthday Chardonnay that I bought Ms. Janice plays well on the palette - I barely know a thing about wine.

'Got home sometime around one o'clock, after a pleasant walk home; the bus to South Keys was surprisingly quiet and relatively unoccupied for a Saturday night. Today, I'll see about getting a haircut - the coiffeur around the corner seems to have shut for good. That would be the second time in a year that a local coiffeur I attend has gone out of business. I seem to be a bad omen. There's one left in the neighbourhood, and I'll at least check to see if they've posted their business hours.

I've also just left a phone message for Ann. No answer. I'll try again later.

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