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Letter about the Garden

To Whom it May Concern,

Presently, I find myself writing this missive to express a sense of bemusement at the senior administration's unannounced attempt to dismantle Kitigànensag, without having first established a simple agreement with the Graduate Students' Association.

It is my understanding that a Memorandum of Understanding had in fact been circulated to the Administration for the sake of proceeding with conciliation and relocation, not but a few days prior, and to which no official nor unofficial response had yet been issued. Whatever the case may be, I find it frankly flabbergasting that the head administrative members of the University body would convince themselves that it was in the least bit seemly to indulge in what can only be characterized as skulduggery.

Can there be any thought given to the fact that such unilateralism all but trumpets anew a clear expression of contempt of civility and of the spirit of civil law on the part of those who arranged the matter? The additional fact that the relocation is impelled by an appetite, on the part of that unilateral part of the whole, for installing a privately operated, for profit residence which has - by all reports - not even been vetted or approved by the Board of Governors, only adds scandal upon scandal. Would that those so involved had at least enough sense of their own personal reputations and their own appearance in good standing before whatever Powers May Be, to withhold themselves from yet another instance of vulgar chicanery.

We shan't even speak of the additional embarrassment of the detainment of two peaceful protesters at a public event, in a public space, during an event which was well attended by the media.

If anything like grace and dignity is to be salvaged out of this, the aforementioned parties would be well advised to keep in mind that Kitigànensag has symbolic significance which has made it a centre of community activity. One does not erect and destroy symbols on a whim, unless one is greatly desirous of ceaseless trouble, or poor reputation. A party which desired neither would do well by itself, and the whole of the University, to deal in good faith, leave it's own desires to one side, and respond in a responsible and self-conscious manner.

Sincerely Yours,
Colin Cordner, B.A. (Honours), M.A, Ph.D. ABD

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