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SASKATOON—Hundreds of angry students, staff and alumni of the University of Saskatchewan staged a noisy protest Tuesday, demanding the school’s president resign amid a controversy over budget cuts and the firing of a professor who was later offered his teaching job back.

Students banged pots and pans and wore red felt squares on their chests as they marched through campus until they arrived at the doorstep of University president Ilene Busch-Vishniac’s office.

“We won’t be Busch-wacked,” they chanted.

“We want to see the current leadership of the administration gone,” said protest organizer Nick Marlatte. “That means the president specifically. On top of that, the board of governors definitely needs to, in some way, show that they’ve been held accountable.”

Marlatte acknowledged that some cuts have to be made to avoid a deficit, but he said changes are “being forced through” by administration at the top.

“They provided consultation, but I would say it was at best an exercise in consultation,” he said.

“There seems to have been no meaningful student involvement. On top of that, faculty really isn’t involved in any sort of decision making, not importantly or not significantly, at least...”

Angry students stage noisy protest to demand president leave over dean’s dismissal | Toronto Star

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