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Elavil prescription

Start of prescription of 23mg Elavil as migraine prophylaxis: Saturday night, Aug. 23rd. If an aneurism happens to strike me down in the midst of the night, you may now have an approximate idea as to why; it'll be interesting to see what entertaining side-effects these may have. Worse than dealing with migraines for ten to fourteen days of every month? Time will tell.

The prescription is for three weeks, as a bit of a test run; in a bit of foresight, I delayed taking it until I'd both: (a) Thought about it quite hard, and (b) Until G.T. was back from his visit to Toronto, so that someone might observe if I went completely blarney on these things. I'll also likely tell Megan or Janice, as well. The divine Ms. J.B. can remain as in the dark about this bit of my life as she is so so often sweetly disposed to be.

Well now, all of a sudden I find myself gaining an appreciation of the warnings about drowsiness. To bed, to bed...

Update: Alright, sooo, to heck with Elavil; given that most of my day was spent in sleeping, falling asleep, or trying effusively to stay awake (and rendering it functionally impossible to join either the sangha or the GSA at the Pride Parade), I'll dare to say that it doesn't quite suit my needs.

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