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Truly, I've felt horrible for the past day; the tarry undertow of a migraine has been spinning and dragging me downwards since last afternoon.


Presently, I'm sitting in the Bridgehead, listening to "Tapestry" on the CBC-1, and sipping a large coffee. The coffee was poured for me by the ever-responsible (and lovely) Indian barrista, who's name I haven't yet found-out. The roads and sidewalks are caked in ice, and I've come back from a trip to the MEC, where I finally purchased a pair of mittens, using the Xmas gift-certificate from Allie.


I'm grateful for the gift from Allie, for the coffee, and for the bus-driver who helped to get me back and forth; I'm also grateful for having been able to help two different, older women get on and off the bus amidst all the ice and snow. It's also good to know that I got to plow through a few more pages of the Timaues at the office yesterday, amidst all the quiet, in spite of a waning Xmas cold, and before the migraine started to exert itself.


At this point, I've gotten through the dramatic set-up, Timaeus' prologue, his initial anthropogony, and his Digression. The next few sections, I think, should require a little bit less precision and attention to detail - the basic structures of reality, and how man's being reflects that, has been discussed in it's generality. What follows therafter are many pages of particulars regarding our status as nous-en-psyche-en-soma, and our relationship to the triadic structure of paradeigma-planeomenos-chora (or masculine-offspring-feminine/father-offspring-mother). Also, an inordinate amount of discussion of triangles, which only seems intended to bear-out the necessary nature of physical elements as hylomorphic entities - as chora given shape and properties by the addition of geometric eide...


Hmph - I almost forgot that I'm supposed to got to a party at Ajay's tonight. Ania's supposed to be hiking in the Appalachians, so she's not likely to be there; if the weather there resembles that here, I hope that she and her party are playing safe.

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