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Hmmmmm, well, Jazz wrote back to tell me that I'm "weird". A bit of a subjective judgement, granted, but I can vaguely see where she's coming from, if she was misinterpreting some things that I think she was. On the other hand, I'm not the first person that Ms. J has labeled that way - I could make a pretty long list - and I really don't comprehend why anyone would wait three years to assert themselves clearly. Twenty-two year-olds are just strange I suppose. o_O

*Sigh*, whatever! At least I finally pried some sort of response out of her, after more than a year and a half of odd behaviour. Why in the world someone would wait three years to say "I don't get you, you scare me!"... I can barely do anything other than shake my head. I'm not certain of what kind of friendship I had with Jazz, in retrospect; but holy Hanna - the money I could have saved on birthday presents! :-P

At any rate - one down, one to go.

Sorry Jazz, but I guess that I'll see you around, but I hope that it's not too soon; this is just... uncomfortable.

Edit: For the record, I still don't have the whole picture of what brought this on. Depite recieving several very, very long letters that attempted to explain that all women everywhere thought me creepy, I never was presented a single personal statement of grievance that I could really wrap my head around. Apparently, I'm just generally creepy.

Funny enough though, I don't feel inclined to believe anything Ms. J has to say anymore. By the end of the first letter, I really was badly concerned that I was doing something that I wasn't aware of. By the end of the second, I decided that I should do the honourable thing, and offer apologies for anything I might possibly have done. By the end of the third, and having recieved the same verbatim argument, I decided that Jazz never liked me (or, at least hasn't liked me for a long while), and just never told me. Ah well; I've never been everyone's cup of tea. (Still, having a friend write several pages of arguments stating that you've never been anyone's cup of tea, *ever*, was a bit hurtful; I'll never get how anyone could do something like that.)

Edit 2: And by the way, who in the Nine Hells writes another person and says: "Well, I heard you were in surgery or something [I've known for a long time, but didn't really care], hope that went well. BTW; I hate you, you make me feel bad - and by "me", I mean all women, everywhere, ever. [Even the ones I've never met and have no business speaking for.] In fact, men hate you too; I really hope you see a shrink. Oh, and just remember, this is all constructive criticism!


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