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Of women

Of women my age, we can say that there are generally two types: those whom, for some reason, fall almost instantly in love with me, and those whom hate me with the fires of an unholy passion which would melt the skin of Lucifer himself. I haven't exactly figured out how I manage to encourage such extreme emotions on a regular basis, but so far, in the last few years, four women have fallen passionately in love with me - five if you choose to count the crazy one who tried to kill me. Over the same period, the same number have demonstrated a rather pronounced dislike for me.

The thing of it is - with only one exception in each category - not a one of them really knows me in any significant way. Now, I would certainly say that I'm not everyone's cup of tea; I can be caustic, distant, head-in-the-clouds, scathing, opinionated, silent, stoic, and disinterested in the world around me. But really, those are on my off days - on most, I try to be much more of a Middle Way sort of fellow. Which begs the question: How in the world have I managed to attract so many lovers & haters? I mean, criminy, I haven't even dated any of these folks! Sure, if we'd gone out for a few weeks, I could see how emotions might develop, but this is just nuts.

After today, I'm really going to have to consider joining a monastary. After all, if there's one thing all these persons have had in common, it's that none of them have been Buddhist monks. Thus, perhaps I'll find refuge from the slings & arrows of inexplicably variable fortune among the sangha.

BTW, I hate people who complain about their relationship with the opposite sex, don't you? ;-)

Photo of a Buddhist monk holding prayer beads


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Mar. 13th, 2006 07:45 pm (UTC)
"BTW, I hate people who complain about their relationship with the opposite sex, don't you? ;-)"

Funny. I wrote a couple of entries about that recently. I was pretty bitter when I did, so maybe they were not the nicest and most diplomatic entries. But the best way I've been able to resume that so far has been: "I hate straight people that way poor people hate rich people." (I don't really hate straight people. Hell, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have any friends.)
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