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The Solomon affair is the latest in a long line of scandals that have plagued the CBC over the past year, beginning with the Jian Ghomeshi sex assault allegations, the discovery that Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy pocketed oil industry money for giving speeches, and the Amanda Lang affair – the broadcaster’s senior business reporter and host of The Lang Exchange.

For me, however, what’s noteworthy is why the CBC acted so quickly in firing Solomon yet stood by Amanda Lang so passionately.

After all, anyone who's examined both cases can see that Lang’s sins were far greater, and did far more damage to the CBC’s reputation as a media institution, than Solomon’s particular misdemeanors.

In fact, Balsillie never even appeared on any of Solomon’s shows as a guest (he was solicited but declined). Carney had been a guest a few times, most recently in the spring of 2014, but the Star was unable to point to any issue in those appearances that was either controversial or even noteworthy.

In many respects, why Lang continues to have a job and Solomon was fired has much to do with the pecking order of Canada’s media elites: after all, it's often who you know (or even sleep with) that will determine if you get axed at the CBC – not whether you've committed a serious journalistic fuck up...

Why was Evan Solomon fired and not Amanda Lang? | National Observer

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