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Australian master strategist Lynton Crosby has reportedly abandoned Stephen Harper's campaign, just four days before Canadians choose their next government, according to ThinkPol.

Crosby's apparent departure could not have come at a worse time for Harper, who is falling behind in the polls to Justin Trudeau's Liberals. The prime minister is facing widespread criticism for speaking at a Toronto rally on Tuesday with scandal-plagued ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford in attendance, who has previously admitted using illegal drugs including crack.

Crosby's business partner, Mark Textor, has recently been ramping up efforts to distance his partner from Harper's campaign, a full month after reports that Crosby was hired by the Conservatives.

At time of writing, Crosby's supposed whereabouts could not be confirmed by those in the know, but Twitter users have already swung into action, many of whom are mocking both Crosby and Harper online under the #notincanada hashtag.

The hashtag was originally set up by Textor to demonstrate that the strategist was not physically in Canada during the election, showcasing him admiring landscapes or biking and not helping Harper. When Maclean's asked what Crosby's role on the Conservative campaign was, Textor replied, "Nothing..."

Lynton Crosby ditches Harper's flailing campaign | National Observer

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