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Hey Kid! 'Wanna see a scar?

Ah, rationalism, how far yea' 'ave come in the world. It seems only yesterday that you were but a fantastical gleam in the eye of a few mad Continental Europeans; but then, the French Revolution came, and it's all been roses & rubber-stamps since then, hasn't it? Oh, if your grandpappy Niccolò could only see you now...

In the near future, I'll be taking the Examinations Office of Concordia to either court or arbitration, in order to school the good officers of the institution on the meaning behind the fragile human concept of Rules. It seems the old buggers have forgotten certain concepts of Reason and decency through their love-affair with the rationalization movement; how else might I explain their stated willingness to fail me out of the University for the fact that my surgeon did not write my medical letter on the "correct" stationary.

I've gotten a 'mite tired of seeing the bureaucratic brotherhood du Province de Québec continuously sodimizing the principle of Justice in service of their secular religion. So, I believe I'll take this opportunity to challenge the ideology of these few, and cause them need to explain & defend themselves before others.

...Think I'm lying? Well, would you like to feel the plate in my leg, ye' daft twit, or should I just use mae' cane to hit yea' o'er yer lumpy head?

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