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Thousands of Indigenous Manitoba students will return to better-funded schools next fall with the creation of a new First Nations school board that will serve as an "inspiration" throughout Canada, according to the federal Minister of Indigenous Affairs Carolyn Bennett.

The board is designed and operated by Manitoba First Nations. The provincial government has no jurisdiction over it.

"This is totally unique and historic, because for the first time we will be able to fund a system that then is self-determining," Bennett told reporters after the signing ceremony Friday morning.

Bennett said the system is unique because the federal government will send funding to the school board itself.

"In other agreements, we're sending money to a chief and council that goes to a school. This way, we're building a school system run by a board, working in close collaboration with educators," she said.

"The educators will determine how they work in terms of curricula and professional development, hiring of faculty, staffing — this will be their system that we will fund."

Students will have access to more resources and opportunities as part of a new funding formula, said one of the Indigenous leaders who helped negotiate a new agreement.

"In terms of education, it's huge," said Jim Bear, chief of Manitoba's Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, northeast of Winnipeg...

New Indigenous school board in Manitoba 'historic,' federal cabinet minister says - Manitoba - CBC News

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