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Well, this is a revoltin' development. Seems that I'm rather off the ball and out of the loop to not have noticed this before the CBC... We'll see how or if they dissolve. Forty-three thousand Facebook followers doesn't really amount to much, and Quebec Orangemen could probably boast proportionally bigger numbers and actual influence back in the day - and that would be saying much (though it wouldn't be saying nothing).

If you drive up Quebec's Route 354 — past Saint-Casimir, Saint-Alban and Sainte-Christine-d'Auvergne — you'll roll into Saint-Raymond, a town built by 175 years of forestry, and now a gateway for the region's snowmobile trails.

There is a restaurant not far from Saint-Raymond's single-spire church. On a snowy Saturday night in late November, about 30 people burst through its doors, ordered beers and swapped fears about radical Islam.

It was a mixed crowd: a couple of former soldiers, a real estate agent, a biologist, a mother of three who blogs about accounting.

Many wore black shirts emblazoned with a wolf paw — the badge of a group that has rapidly become the most visible expression of Quebec's far right.

La Meute — or Wolf Pack — has attracted more than 43,000 people to a secret Facebook group in little over a year.

There, they exchange calls to boycott halal products, circulate petitions against government policies that foster multiculturalism and post stories from little-known publications about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec.

La Meute's leaders are now attempting to translate the group's online popularity into concrete political influence.

They hope to become a lobby group of sorts, dedicated to making Quebecers aware of the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism...

Inside Quebec's far right: Take a tour of La Meute, the secretive group with 43,000 members - Montreal - CBC News

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