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The Senate tests it's limits further by seeking to amend the budget - gets a swat on the nose by the House for infringing upon the rights and privileges of the Commons...

PARLIAMENT HILL—The House adjourned for the summer Wednesday evening after an acrimonious spring sitting, but the government’s 300-page omnibus budget implementation bill is still in the Senate.

On Parliament Hill, MPs were preparing to leave Ottawa for the summer barbeque circuit, however, Bill C-44, the government’s budget implementation bill is still outstanding in the Senate after the House rejected the Senate’s amendments to remove the so-called escalator tax increases on wine, spirits, and beer, and sent it back to the Senate.

Earlier Wednesday morning, the Senate had passed the bill, on division, at third reading with the amendments, sending the budget bill back to the Commons. The House then unanimously rejected the amendments, within the government’s motion to adjourn the House. When the Senate received that message Wednesday evening, it elected to put off dealing with it until the next sitting of the Senate, on Thursday.

If the Senate decides to send the bill back amended once again, House Speaker Geoff Regan (Halifax West, N.S.) could be forced to recall the House to deal with it.


Government House Leader Bardish Chagger (Waterloo, Ont.) said, in the motion to adjourn the Commons two days earlier than scheduled, that the House disagreed with the amendments made “because these amendments [infringe] upon the rights and privileges of the House.”

House adjourns for summer, government's budget bill still in Senate - The Hill Times - The Hill Times

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