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On Monday night, Margaret and I landed back in Ottawa after the long drive back from ESA at KCL, and a brief stop-over in Montreal to drop off Chönyid, Gétun, and Kimso in the East-End, and partake in a communal dining experience at a local café. It's a bit too bad that I didn't take a photo of us at the coffee-house/bakery, but I did get a few snaps...

('Round the Alley near Chonni's mum's house...)

(KCL, front facade...)

(Exterior of the main meditation hall...)

(The koi pond...)

(The Kyodo range... we had a brief glimpse of the archers parcticing on our final day of the assembly.)

(The Gardens, whence came most of our vegetables for the week...)

(The Garden's Yeshé Shrine... Yeshé Tsögyal is the patron saint of Tibet, and said to have been the first Tibetan to have achieved enlightenment.)

(A View of the Valley from the Garden... Japanese elements pop-up in all sorts of places on the grounds.)

(The Main Shrine Room, Interior... several of us us slept here on the floor every night, including Margaret, Chonnie, Kimso, and I, as well as Becca, Jeff, Patti, and Jessica. Others slept in the dorms or private rooms, or in tents up the mountain.)

(A View of the Pavilion from the Garden... we spent a bit of time at the Pavilion, which is quite nice. There's an aspiration to build a new handicapped-accessible dorm nearby, for the sake of accomodating members and practitioners with mobility issues.)


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Aug. 24th, 2017 12:01 am (UTC)
thanks for sharing those photos-peace
Aug. 24th, 2017 12:24 pm (UTC)

Thanks for viewing!

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