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APPSA 2017, University of Moncton Edition

  Pallas' anniversary has passed with nary a word. This weekend I've been in New Brunswick for the APPSA conferenence. The University of Moncton certainly has a pretty campus. It's too bad that I didn't really have the chance to tour it. On the other hand, a goodly number of people actually showed up for my panel this year, including fellow KCL ESA alumnus Leslie J. and Carletonite Elsa P. Dr. Shawn Narine and my father also attended, along with some others, and things went rather well.

Asides from that we (Dad, Clifford, Piper, and I) have mostly been hanging about or else commuting back and forth between Freddie and Moncton - a three hour round trip on it's own. A few of my spare hours have been spent on Latin and Sanskrit, Dad and I have had a converation and a walk or two, and I roused myself for a Sadhana practice last evening while D&C were out at the store. The practice was sorely needed. Maben and I also finally managed to get my SSHRC application submitted, which is a boon. Asides from hanging about the Libraries and the Beaverbrooke Gallery café, not too much opportunity or good weather came along to galavant around downtown, unfortunately. After I get back, though, I have a meeting with a client and the Bodhisattva Vows layered atop my usual schedule - so I'll hardly have time to pine in regrets! My plane takes off at 16h00 local time.

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