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Smell of the back-burner.

I have a touch of the insomnia, which inspires me to use a few minutes of time to make an accounting of the works of mine that have fallen by the wayside:

  1. Sociological study of the Montreal jazz and swing scenes: I'd intended to work with along with someone in studying the social works at play with those who come in and out of the swing scene, and compare that knowledge against the perceptions of those outside the community. A.M. declined my approach of her to lead the study, and - though I've other friends with the right training - I no longer have the financial wherewithall or time necessary to pull-off such a project.

  2. Memetics v. Relativism: Well, I no longer care about memetics as a discipline - I don't find its philosophical assumptions to be flexible enough to allow it to conform to reality - so I've no longer any interest in expanding upon my original paper on the subject for publication.

  3. Music theory: Simply put, I haven't the discipline to study it properly on my own, and no space in my schedule for music-theory courses - even if it were less difficult to get a foot in the door.

  4. Vacation: Who can afford it? An opportunity arose to join an extended clan gathering in P.E.I. this August, but a recent reassessment of my (bleak) financial situation proves that I can scarecly afford it unless I biked to the island, slept outside, and survived on a diet of whatever-I-find-on-the-beach.

  5. Photography: No time available to arrange complex projects, and a broken ankle kabobed those I'd planned during the Spring.

  6. Dance: Needless to say, all dance-related studies were thorougly wrecked by the aforementioned ankle injury. I'll be taking another shot at intermediate and advanced salsa during the Fall, and hopefully get back into shape for swing during the Summer - I'll also have to find a regular study partner. Tango studies will definitely have to be forestalled.

  7. Mathematics: Much as I'd like to delve futher into calculus, vector mathematics, and matrices, time doesn't allow for it given my work-load.

  8. Chemistry: No money, no time == no access to a lab. 'But that might be for the good of all concerned anyways. ^_^

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