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MNA Copeman

Quebec Liberal Party MNA Russell Copeman, visited one of my University lectures on Canadian politics today to discuss the ins & outs of how The System works and to field questions. Of particular interest to me was a question that was posed regarding electoral reform in Quebec; according to Copeman, there exists an underswell of support among MNAs for a switch to either a fully proportional list system, or a two tiered system that splits seats among list members and riding members (similar to the Italian parliament, for instance). The Honourable Member himself was not terribly enthusiastic about such a system however, as it would tend to cut any ties of responsibility between members and riding constituents.

When I followed up that reply by asking if there was any attempt being made to introduce a three-line whip system into the Assembly, Mr. Copeman expressed more enthusiasm for such an approach, for it would loosen the chains of party discipline without creating major shakeups in Quebec society. However, he added that he hadn't seen any serious attempts to make such a change and that the existing party-system in Quebec could be expected to be rather hostile to any proposal that would loosen the bonds of party control.

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