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Liberal-leadership candidate Scott Brison

Ah yes, I should mention that I accepted an invitation to a private round-table meeting with former cabinet minister, present shadow-cabinet secretary, current Liberal party leadership candidate, and bi-lingual Member-of-Parliament for Windsor, Nova Scotia, Scott Brison.

Photo of a Canadian flag, angled, and waved

'An interesting time was had. 'Lest my political-sense is decieving me, the Honourable Mr. Brison is confident in his ability to beat party newcomers such as Michael Ignatieff, who seems to have a great deal of backers among Caucus backbenchers and high-profile Senators such the Honourable Roméo Dallaire - the former commander of the UN forces in Rwanda, and outspoken voice on issues of international human rights and organization. I would guess Mr. Brison to be less bold in his perception of advantage vis-a-vis the Honourable Stéphane Dion; the scuttlebut would have it that Mr. Dion is favoured by the elite circles of the party. As a primarily Francophone, fluently bi-lingual, high-profile Member from Québec, and a former high-level cabinet minister of Federal-Provincial relations, he represents a golden choice to lead a federation as... complicated as Canada.

As for former provincial Premier and current leadership canidate Bob Rae, my impression is that Mr. Brison feels that his position is at least even, and likely ahead of Mr. Raye as a result of his ten or so years of experience within the Liberal party; Mr. Rae only recently joined the party, and was formerly a leader of the New Democratic Party of the Province of Ontario.

'Always interesting, these things. I have to wonder if I'd have the time to serve as a delegate.

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