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Charitable leverage

What follows is an excerpt from the GiveMeaning website; GiveMeaning is a charitable foundation that links charities - small and large - to potential doners around the world through the magic of the InterWeb and credit-cards; give it a look if you enjoy fighting AIDS or building schools:

"GiveMeaning.com is an online charitable foundation for philanthropists of all ages and means. We are registered in Canada as a charitable foundation, and in the U.S. we partner with Global Institute USA — so all Canadian and American donors receive a tax receipt. And, whether you give $5 or $5000 to support the causes that mean the most to you, GiveMeaning ensures transparency, accountability and integrity.

We offer a unique array of services and online tools that give donors and fundraisers alike choice and control — everything you need to help make your next charitable effort a success! And, at GiveMeaning, our values mirror those of our donors — which means:
100% of all money donated goes directly to charity (we do not charge donors or charities any fees — see How does GiveMeaning make its money? to learn more).
The choice is yours: you decide where and how your money is spent — GiveMeaning provides many tangible ways in which to give and get involved.

Contribute with confidence and comfort: we make sure the donation process is as meaningful to recipients as it is to donors, and you will always know what happens to your money — updates concerning the use of donated funds are available to everyone upon Project completion.

Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, without your permission.
For more details about creating Projects at GiveMeaning, see our Guidelines and What to Expect sections.

GiveMeaning provides unrivalled advantages for both charities and sponsors. For Charities, GiveMeaning offers a new vehicle for raising funds, with minimal resource expenditure and without any costs; for Sponsors, GiveMeaning is the ideal forum to reach highly-targeted audiences, with repeat exposure virtually guaranteed.

Since our inception, GiveMeaning has accomplished many charitable goals — in fact, in the last few months, our services and online tools have helped raise almost a quarter of a million dollars for charitable purposes! (Check out our Success Stories for more details).

Whether you wish to donate to or raise funds for your favorite cause or charity, or whether you're a charity or potential sponsor — join the GiveMeaning network and become a part of our growing and passionate community: like-minded individuals, bonded together by the desire to improve the world in which we live."

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