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For the sake of posterity and mistaken philosophy students everywhere, I'll attempt injecting these simple bits of knowledge onto the Internet:

Plato's "Republic" is not an instruction book containing the blueprints of a political utopia. "The Republic" is a dialogue on the nature of the human soul, it's disorders, and the nature of justice; the "Perfect City" being constructed by Socrates is an analogy and not a recipe for the creation of a Soviet paradise (or any other such thing).

If you're interested in discussions on metaphysics, the nature of humanity and its relationship with both itself and the divine, or the essences of justice, love or law, I'd suggest reading Plato. If you're interested in building a utopia, I'd suggest reading the works of Karl Marx, Benito Mussolini, or Ayn Rand.

In short, if you've ever submitted an essay on "The Republic" to a teacher or professor with a title similar to "Communist States: Plato's guide to building one the right way!" and the professor thought it was insightful... Well, you should probably avoid taking any future courses taught by that individual. Either way, you might do yourself a great favour if you re-read the dialogue with the proper insight in mind.

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