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From http://www.montrealjasscoop.com
(Anglais en bas)

Photo of Gwendolen Bédard

Le Temps de Fêtes, c'est le temps de celebrer. Il y a le stress des dinners de famille, le magasinage de derniere minute, la carte de credit qui se rempli et les tous derniers éxamens de fin de session.

Oh oui, le Temps des Fêtes peut vous donner les blues. Venez vous enlever tout ca de la tête avec un peu de Rhythm and Blues, de Funk et de Soul. Mettez un peu d'émotions dans votre cadence avec Gwendolen Blues Project. Venez fêtez en grand avec la gang du Montreal Jass Coop, Cat's Corner, McGill Swing Kids et Concordia Swing Dance Society.

De 20h30 a 21h30, intro au Blues Dancing, question de rechauffer les coeurs. 21h45 Gwendolen prend le plancher suivi de Dj Danny-O.

Il y aura des prix pour les danseurs les plus "hot".

étudiants 15$, genéral 20$, à la porte 25$
Vente de billets: http://www.montrealjasscoop.com

The holidays aren't always the most jolly time of the year for every boy and girl. There's the stress of planning family dinners to bring you down, last-minute shopping to be done, mounting holiday credit-card bills, and students have the added joy of last-hour paper and examinations.

Yeah, the holiday season might seem to be shaping up to be a truly Blue Christmas, but why give into the Winter doldrums when you can put a little Rhythm in your season? Why feel down in the Funk, when you can get down with the Soul? Why be wracked and blue, when you can Rock the house down to The Blues? This time, put a little emotion into your motion, and grind your way through the night with the Gwendolen Blues Project, and your friends from the Montreal Jass Coop, Cat's Corner Dance Productions, the McGill Swing Kids, and the Concordia Swing Dance Society.

From 20h30 to 21h30, get warmed-up with an introduction to blues dancing, followed by the GBP at 21h45, and the disc-spinning magic of DJ Danny-O - all of it topped-off with a competition and prizes that'll add a little sizzle to the hottest dancers on the floor.

Go ahead, get down with your bad self and put a little flame into the Swing Ring on a cold Winter night, before the fire marshals hose you down. ;-)

Students: $15.00
General admission: $20.00 by pre-order, $25.00 at the door.
Ticket sales: http://www.montrealjasscoop.com

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