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Vagina, vagina, vagina!

As seen on Livejournal...

1st party:I was channel surfing the other day, and I got sucked into watching "The Real World: Denver", and the girls were talking about how they wouldn't be able to shave for 5 days or something like that and one of them mentioned how she couldn't shave her vag! I was totally shocked, as I hadn't heard the word "vagina" said on TV before that, and it made me happy that MTV was bold enough to show that. As much as I hate reality TV, I think it can help get messages out, and I'm really happy with that episode. Did anybody else see that episode? Any thoughts? And has anybody seen other shows in which they say "vagina"?

2nd party:It's said on Canadian TV all the time. Penis too. And "shit". After 9pm, pretty much ALL can be said on Canadian TV.

I guess it's way different in American TV? Come on people, it's 2007! Get with it! lol

Yeah, we's an advanced culture up here; our science nerds are even making progress on ways to combine ##### and !!!! in the same sentence! Once that's accomplished, it is only one small step to world domination! Suck on 'dat Yankees! Suck our $$$$$ with a %%%%, then @@@ it %%%%%% with a midget **** and ()()()( <><>><>, then take the ice-cream scoop and &&&&&&& the !!!!!!!; and that goes double for the chimp! :-D

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