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And, again, I am sick.

Well, it seems that my body has decided to give up. The strain of the last couple of months is being protested the old fashioned way; my carcass has submitted a formal "*#$@ you, you're on sick-leave whether you like it or not"-notice.

Stuff like this is half the reason why its taking umpteen years to finish my degree; but, what the hell, it's the closest thing to a vacation that I've had since August. 'Just another bit to throw on the pile of going concerns such as,

'When am I ever going to have the time to get laid have a charming dinner with a woman of good company'?,
'What's the the next move for the dance company'?,
'Which of my relatives is due to drop dead next'?,
'Who among my friends is actually going to still be in the country next year'?,
'Why the hell do people believe that the Sun and Moon shine out of the backsides of Machiavelli and Hobbes'?, and,
'How much do cremations cost anyways'?

So, eh!, why not cheer-up and...

Always Look on The Bright Side of Life!

We've all but feet of clay anyways. ne? :-7

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