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The problem with biofuels.

A discussion on the problems caused by large-scale biofuel production, and how a biofuel-based economy could easily be more dangerous to human life and the environment that a petroleum economy.

Just to for kicks, I'd also like to point out that a hydrogen-based economy faces similar problems, given that it would require more than 37-billion tonnes of fresh-water and 16-million gigawatt-hours of electricity every year to sustain the world's transport economy alone; that's equivalent to completely draining Lake Superior, and most of the other Great Lakes of North America, every year and electrolysing their contents (minus the fish and dead bodies of course) using a few times more than the combined electical output of every electrical plant on Earth.

But I bet these wacky schemes seemed like a really good ideas at the time! :-)

Edit: The hydrogen-production figures are based on year-old, back-of-the-envelope calculations that I made using a combination of OECD energy-consumption and energy-production statistics, some basic knowledge of chemistry, high-school math, and the assumption that it would be reasonable to assume that large-scale, industrial electrolysis could operate at an average energy-conversion efficiency of 20% - as is currently the case using leading-edge technology.

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