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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the Webster Library, working on a much-hated paper on the epistemology of Thomas Hobbes. For the most part, it's an experience that I might have done without, considering that I find Hobbes' philosophy completely disagreeable; his one saving grace is that his writing, unlike Machiavelli's, is so hideously dry that I don't generally have to worry about sitting across a table from a girl and hear her declare how deep and insightful she finds him. It's exasperating to hear that kind of praise for the Italian, it would be a bit worrying to hear it about the Englishman.

At any rate, I may have stumbled upon an interesting line of thought in Christian theology which may have informed the debates on human nature during the Enlightenment. I've always thought that post-classical philosophers had fairly two-dimensional understandings of human nature, but I'd always thought that it was a by-product of them being less able or intelligent than their predecessors...

Anywho, I'd met up with Flora at the library again, and I spent some time helping her edit her own paper. We split-up at the metro to go our seperate ways - her to go home, myself to meet with Ann-Marie at Indigo's cafe at 19h. After sitting for a bit less than an hour, we (Ann-Marie and I) headed off to McGill to view a performance of "The Merchant of Venice".

I enjoyed the opportunity to spend spend some time with her, particularly as she's supposed to be leaving the city soon for a job at Air Canada...

Today, I've been cleaning the scum and cat-hair from the apartment, doing laundry, and ripping my CD collection to my new iPod Nano -- the one that I got to replace the two iPod Shuffles that I put through the wash. More importantly I met with my family for a post-birthday dinner at East-Side Marios at Cavendish Mall and a movie at the Cinema Guzzo across the way. The movie, which I saw with my father, was "300" -- a movie which amazes me for the fact that it manages to be both anti-religious and homophobic at the same time. That's a genuine feat worthy of a nod.



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Apr. 9th, 2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
lol re: 300! I would like to see it just to witness the results of the physical training most of the actors went through - there's an interesting article about it floating around on the trainer's website somewhere... As for any realism involved, I never wish for that from any movie lest I be sorely (and usually) disappointed. ;) It's all just Hollywood's version of things, after all...

Happy belated, cous! I'll be posting some pics onto my Photobucket account, the ones from Christmas. There is quite a good one of you. :) I'll let you know when I do it....uploading on dialup is a bee-yotch.
Apr. 12th, 2007 02:07 am (UTC)
Hi Cindi,

A belated happy birthday to you too! I only remembered the occasion of my own aging a week ago, so I guess that forgetting other people's is perfectly forgivable. :-)

Do let me know about the Xmas photos!
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