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Aug. 30th, 2007

Well, surprisingly enough, I received a 'B-' in the intensive microeconomics class that I completed two weeks ago -- despite all of the organizational difficulties that hit the course (like the bookstore not stocking the answer books for the study questions, and my never seeing a copy of the second course assignment).

I had the occasion to get the news from the Interweb shortly after Rose & I got up this morning. I also confirmed that I'd forgotten to submit my documents to the student-loans office. Thank goodness for electronic filings; I'll now be able to avoid eating Chinese dog-food purchased on credit! Calu calei! When we split from the apartment, I travelled-off to the University to pass a copy of my C.V. to K.L. at the University bookstore (there's a fair chance that I'll be able to get a part-time job on-campus, thanks to K's vouching on my behalf). I was hoping to deal with the matter of signing-up for the fast-approaching honours seminar in Political Science, but Helene wasn't at the desk today.

Rose, meanwhile, went home for a change of clothes and to attend to some personal business. We were supposed to meet-up at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, but we managed to miss each other by sitting in separate areas of Place-des-Artes. Now that's just genius folks; applaud our accomplishment! :-P

At the very least, I worked a bit on a theory piece that I'm working on regarding blues dancing, and to collect my bike from Concordia. I also managed not to get rained on or hit by lightning, which is more than i can say for some of the trees in my neighbourhood...

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